"I highly encourage everyone to go on this wonderful journey"
Lifebook Online

"I highly encourage everyone to go on this wonderful journey"

Before taking this program my life was completely unorganized.

Thanks to this program now I have clarity in my life in all 12 categories I will be super successful and will inspire others. I highly encourage everyone to go on this wonderful journey. 

I'm thankful to my best friend Shivathmaj who did this journey with me we were accountability partners. 

Overall excellent experience before our 29age I'm sure we'll reach greater heights which we first thought impossible!

Rakshan A Jain


Bengaluru, India

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Lifebook Online

"I believe the clarity obtained by compiling a Lifebook can participate deeply in their healing process"

Knowing which strategies to adopt to reach one's goals and reaching each goal step by step is surely easier when conscious of one's deepest desires, beliefs and values. Furthermore thank you...
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Stephan Rudolph

Association pour le développement inténomique (APODI) - Member of the Board

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Lifebook Online

"I would recommend Lifebook to anyone who wants a better life than what they have now"

I medically retired at the end of 2014 age 54, due to severe ill health; fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes (type 2) and weighed 16.5 stone. I spent 2 years feeling sorry for myself and not functioning like an intelligent human being.  I knew I had to do something...
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Heidi Tyler

United Kingdom

Lifebook Online

"I’ve improved all of my 12 categories"

can feel & assess that this vision is right now creating my dream future, and I can’t wait to tell you in a year how all my dreams came true…
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Laëtitia Nguyen

Self-Married, Writer, Creator of Blog About L.

Grenoble, France

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