"I have this gift in my hands that will help transform my life from ordinary to extraordinary"
Lifebook Online

"I have this gift in my hands that will help transform my life from ordinary to extraordinary"

This whole process, believe it or not, was a little bit stressful for me. My parents have always told me that my inner-child is very curious and genuinely happy, during the years the teenage attitude has hit me hard and I've kind of lost myself in the way. 
The reason why this process was a little bit stressful for me is that at the beginning I didn't want to do this course, but my mom wanted my sisters and myself to do it, so I kind of had to make the commitment of finishing it and really growing out of it. I was so focused on the commitment I made that I lost the joy and forgot the reason why I was doing it, but now that I finish it I finally understand the WHY. 
Looking back to when I started the program I have grown a lot, mentally I have gained so much knowledge, I have this gift in my hands that will help transform my life from ordinary to extraordinary. 
I'm so grateful for having the opportunity of doing this course because now I really understand and know my premise, vision, purpose, and my strategy for each category of my life. I haven't applied to the absolute fullest all of the knowledge I've gained and I'm still not living my ideal, extraordinary life, but as Jon said, every day you work to get to your ideal, extraordinary, balanced life. "I believe this is a process where I grow and learn new things on a daily basis, I believe this is an exciting experience for me, an experience that will help me for the rest of my life. I believe this is a tool that will not only help me but others around me." 
Thank you for creating this AMAZING tool that will help millions of people and will improve millions of lives!

Emanuella, Emiliana, Caterina Mendez


Guatemala City, Guatemala

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