"I have had great breakthroughs with my husband with communication and connection"
Lifebook Online

"I have had great breakthroughs with my husband with communication and connection"

Long before this program...I was somewhere between the age of 3 - 5 and I was sexually violated by my father. This fundamentally changed the way I perceived the world and the way I developed as a person. 
I have lived most of my life in survival mode. This was my first trauma. At the age of 16 I was in a very serious car accident and sustained some serious injuries, 5 weeks in hospital and 5 weeks in a body cast. When I was 18 myself and my boyfriend were attacked by a rapist at knife point. 
There was a struggle and my boyfriend sustained some life-long injuries to his hand. I, fortunately, was untouched but left with more trauma to my system. So three traumas in my developmental years. I was married at a young age to a physically abusive guy and had a child with him but soon after I left him. I have always had a fight in me and was not going to stay in that type of relationship. In my late twenties is when I discovered personal growth and have been on a journey ever since. I remarried at 33 had two more kids. 
When my son, the oldest was 15 he got messed up in drugs and crime and my marriage almost ended because of it. It took a huge toll on our relationship and we were very disconnected for many years. 
About 12 years after my son left our home our marriage was in big trouble and that is when I found a personal development program that I thought could help us. It was very good for us individually but didn't really help us as a couple. The next 9 years following that had ups and downs and then complete disconnect. 
I left the marriage... I was done! I again enrolled in another personal development program. This was where I met Kimberly she is a Trauma Therapist, she changed my life! Three years of intense therapy twice a week and I worked through the trauma and I am now on the other side! I got back together with my husband and it was amazing for the first two years and then I started to put walls up again and I new it was my stuff but couldn't get past it. 
That's when Lifebook was introduced to me. I watched the masterclass and loved what I was hearing and signed up. 

The biggest takeaway for me from this program was the relationship category and category 13! 
My husband and I have always had this unexplainable connection and it's more on a soul level so I really resonated with how powerful a relationship can be if you are both showing up as whole people. 

This is also where the Character category has really helped me, I have been able to recognize my weaknesses in this area and have worked hard on both of these categories and it is paying off! I have had great breakthroughs with my husband with communication and connection and I am determined to have a great love affair and be the role model for my girls so that they can see what a healthy relationship looks like! I have been so inspired by this program in so many areas, I have started Wildfit, and 10x for my health and fitness and I am doing yoga and meditation and I'm growing my brain daily with some of the other programs. 

So excited to continue my journey with Lifebook Mastery and implement all I have learned. Thank you Jon and Missy for sharing this work! Both of my daughters are going to do Lifebook, one has already started!

Belinda Mcneice

domestic engineer /artist

Anmore, Canada

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