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"I got the awareness of the tools and principals that I need to adapt to enhance these areas"

Before the program was I living my life without any purpose and direction. With this program I understood the basic areas of life which makes it meaningful and full filling. After this program, I got the awareness about the areas in which I need to put more focus on. Also, I got the awareness of the tools and principals that I need to adapt to enhance these areas.


SAP Managing Consultant

Laval, Canada

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Lifebook Online

“I have decided to join the quest because I felt incomplete”

I have decided to join *The Lifebook* Quest because I felt incomplete (like my right leg would be longer and I can not move forward as fast as I could). My unfulfillment reflected in many life categories: if my spirituality life was rich, then the love relationship was poor. I felt I am smart, bu...
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Agne Valuntukeviciute

Marketing specialist


Lifebook Online

"Thank you soooo much for opening this new outlook to me"

In the category of Emotions I had a profound realization that I would like to share with you. A "Satori moment" as Michael B. Beckwith would put it. It´ s about the Japanese art of golden joinery - Kintsugi (or kintsukuroi). My strong belief was that "broken glass is a broken glass" - n...
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Ly Palang

Account Manager

Tallinn, Estonia

Lifebook Online

"Now I know for sure I can achieve my dreams"

Thanks to Lifebook, I finally took the time to sit and reflect deeply about my life, the way I used to do it. For over 3 years, I have been dealing with life struggles, transitions, and health issues, one after the other. There was no downtime. I am now ready to go back to live an intentiona...
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Marie-Josée LeBlanc

Life Coach

United States

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