"I got a deeper connection to myself"
Lifebook Online

"I got a deeper connection to myself"

Before Lifebook, I didn't have clearly defined goals in most of the 12 categories. I didn't thought about the purpose in each category and never took the time to write my visions down. Thanks to Lifebook, I faced all my strengths and weaknesses in each category, what I never did before, like this. And now, my life is even more excited, I'm very ambitious to make progress in all areas of Lifebook. With the help of Lifebook, I got a deeper connection to myself and I'm more able to reflect, where I'm right now and where I want to go in the future.

Jil Becker

Student - Business Psychology and Coach in training


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Lifebook Online

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I was on the rock bottom at the end of 2019 after a 7 years of repressed trauma came out to the surface. After choosing to focus on a deeper healing process, I decided not to enroll in any job and therefore, I had no source of income as well. It was a period of major reset in many aspects...
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Maria Immaculata


Tangerang, Indonesia

Lifebook Online

"An invaluable experience"

The program launched me into becoming exceptionally conscious about my choices (holistically). Furthermore, I became more aware of the consequences of me not taking (or taking) action. An invaluable experience - thank you
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Larri Wallbridge

Coach and Consultant / Director of Fit for Business

Wellington, New Zealand

Lifebook Online

Lifebook has given me a centredness and feeling of excitement that has been missing from my life for the past few years

Before Lifebook I was struggling with my weight , defeated by my love relationship and frightened that I couldn’t get traction or the clarity to make significant changes and improve my situation. Thanks to Lifebook I was able to lose 4kgs during the course, implement a healthy meal plan and dai...
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Julia Storm

Mom, Author


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