"I felt I can make my own decision"
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"I felt I can make my own decision"

Before the Lifebook, I thought I shouldn't complain and wanting to have everything in life. I wouldn't be getting everything, I should just live with what I have. I have been in a marriage that has never made me happy. I have given myself to everything yet it has never been enough for my partner. The lifebook journey was my starting point of looking ahead at future. I was always worried to make a decision and doubt my decision would be a good outcome. I suppose this initial journey has helped me to an extent that I dare to make that choice and I believe there are brighter future for me. It made me realise I have a choice and I can have a better future if I out my mind and soul to it. Now,I chose to lead my own life. I have left my toxic partner and for the first time in my life I felt so liberated. I felt I can make my own decision, and I know my choices are great and powerful for my future with my son. I have my freedom and I look forward to bring up my son to be happy and looking at life in a positive manner.

Jill Kamaruddin

Business Owner

Briar Hill, Australia

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Genesis Therapy & COaching, Mind/Body Therapy, Yoga & Life Coaching

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Billy Wong

Storyteller, Creative Director, Partner, a Family member

Hong Kong

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