"I feel that my vision and my dreams are doable and achievable"
Lifebook Online

"I feel that my vision and my dreams are doable and achievable"

I have been into personal development books for years, lots of books more than i could read, audiobooks more than i could listen, trying to get unstuck. I acknowledge that all those books i read and listened to has prepared me for Lifebook. 

Thanks to Lifebook, i now have specific categories to work on and strategies to focus on to make my vision come to life and more. Now I feel that my vision and my dreams are doable and achievable.

Maria Sasuman

Staff nurse

Exeter, United Kingdom

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Lifebook Online

"Thank you for taking me with you on this life changing adventure!"

I am so grateful for this extraordinary experience and a journey of 6 weeks with the LifeBook program. It was inspirational to see that extraordinary life of many years in all categories plus category 13 is possible and sustainable. It was amazing to dive in and go in depth in each categ...
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Julia McDaniel

School Psychologist

Roseville, United States

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Dear LifebookersI am so glad that the Universe sent me Life book Program.It is a wonderful tool to awake awareness towards our life. Thank you so much Jon and Missy!Before I joined Life book, I was already living an extraordinary life, but I never could imagine how my life would improve in s...
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Tulasi Ilen

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After going through an intense crisis last year, recovering from severe burn out and losing my job, I decided the best I could do is invest in myself. The minute I heard Vishen Lakhiani talk about Lifebook and took the Masterclass I knew this was what I had been waiting for. Taking the quest was ...
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Marion Keizers

United States

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