I feel reborn, reconfigurated and empowered
Lifebook Online

I feel reborn, reconfigurated and empowered

Before the LifeBook Programme, I've had an idea of what I wanted but was always coming up short because I lacked belief in myself, confidence and consciousness. Thanks to Jon & Missy and everyone else on the team, I feel reborn, reconfigurated and empowered to trust and believe in my dreams and desires and fully deserving to make these a reality. Thanks to this programme I'm doing 10K walks every day and go for a swim in the sea, regardless of the weather, I know exactly what kind of love relationship I want and know I will achieve it, I've received an exciting offer for creative job and just brought so much more consciousness to who I am, what I want and what I'm doing on a daily basis, which is a subtle shift but brings huge rewards to my daily human experience. I'm planning to gear up my romantic life and career and financial categories, commit fully, give it my all and thrive. Jon, your powerful persona and messages have seriously undermined all my dearly held limiting beliefs, insecurities and lack of self-esteem and given them a run for their money. Your voice has ingrained itself into my head as the voice of God, a benevolent father and universe - all in one :) Thank you for that, you are a man on a mission and it's beautiful. May the universe shower you with all the goodness that is out there, you guys deserve it all.

Dagmar Baumunk


Lisbon, Portugal

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