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"I can better focus and able to to see my success in some other areas that I have already been working on"

Before this program, I was living a fairly good life by any standards, looking at the most obvious markers of success. But truly I was so confused and lost, I had so many confusions about myself and about my path in life. I was not able to enjoy it all, had this feeling that something is amiss, worrying all the time as in where am I going, am I on the right path, do I need to change something, and what do I need to change. 
I wasn't sitting still though, I was doing everything that I could in my own way, trying this and that, but there is so much information and noise out there, it is so hard for an average person to focus on something. 
As soon as I would settle on one thing, I will find more information that will take me on a different path and I would be lost again. 

Thanks to Mindvalley and Lifebook, I feel so much grounded and calm and satisfied even though nothing major has changed as far as the external environment or factors are concerned. But internally, don't know where to start! everything has changed, like I now am able to view everything with a different set of glasses. 

A lot of my internal confusion and struggles have been resolved and I can better focus and able to to see my success in some other areas that I have already been working on. 

Overall, there is such a profound shift inside me and it shows on the outside, people around me are noticing the changes and commenting on it, I myself am able to see the beautiful transformation that is already happening. In fact people around me are also getting affected in a very positive manner. All this with just a few weeks' work. 

I cannot thank Mindvalley and Lifebook team enough, thank you Jon and Missy and the entire team for bringing this life changing experience to me. I have seen a lift in all the categories and huge lift in some of the categories. 
That gives me hope that there is more to explore and that if such little work, I can see this much positive change, if this becomes a way of life, where will this take me. My direction is getting clearer every day, and my confidence in being able to pursue that direction has never been higher.

Aroosa Jamshaid


Stockholm, Sweden

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