I appreciate so much that the journey has been delivered in such a structure
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I appreciate so much that the journey has been delivered in such a structure

I tend to look at my inner-self regularly, I love to take accountability for my successes and my improvements and over the years, I've learned to love myself and care about me. Although I'm a quite organized person who knows well where I want to be and from where I am, I'm so honored to have been endeavored such a mission. I don't have anything but appreciation towards Mindvalley to have committed to deliver this magnificent course for free and to have had the opportunity to meet Missy and John, tho wonderful beings that share who they are. I appreciate so much that the journey has been delivered in such a structure, capturing the wisdom from the very experience of the couple. And besides, I liked to have taken the quest at the beginning (scoring 122 points) and then realizing that I had scored 20 points more (140) at the end!! I only have thankful words towards all of you. Since the very first time I met you, Mindvalley, I think that your mission and your day to day work make this world a better place. Thank you very much for being you. And for the person who is reading this right now, I hope you have a fantastic and beautiful day! 

Quim Zaldo

Life Apprentice


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Michelle Voiland

Head Women Soccer Coach, Whitman College

Walla Walla, WA, United States

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