"I am very confident in reaching my Goals"
Lifebook Online

"I am very confident in reaching my Goals"

Thanks to this program I have a guideline and a structure of how I want to live every Day and how my future should look like. I am very confident in reaching my Goals. The programme is excellent and I cannot wait to go further. Lifebook challenges me, offers me opportunities and soothens me at the same time. Thank you!



Belgrade, Serbia

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Lifebook Online

"I feel optimistic, hopeful and ready to create the beautiful, conscious life we and our kids are destined for"

My husband and I joined Lifebook because we have an internal knowing that we are meant for more than the life we have been living unconsciously. Over the past year we have started to let go of our fears and begun working towards our dreams, but have found that difficult to do on our own....
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Sarah Lerner

Co-founder and CEO, Outside In Investor Relations & ATSCI Consulting

Calgary, Canada

Lifebook Online

"It was the shift in my life that I was needing"

The program was vital for me to organize my thoughts and to give voice to all aspects of my life. I know now were I'm going, and strangely have no longer fears in getting on my way. I married again, my children are growing, and I'm cultivating myself so that I can embrace another career...
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Rute Oliveira Pires Bailão

Radiology technician

Lisbon, Portugal

Lifebook Online

"I'm really dialing in on these things and realizing how much I can change and how quickly"

Before this program, I didn't really consider the Big Picture of my Life and how it could all be broken down into categories, and how within each category, there was a solid method to really seeing what I wanted out of each aspect of my life. I also was ignoring certain aspects of my life...
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Bryan Winchell

Freelance writer / English teacher

Takasaki, Japan

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