"I am thrilled with the clarity I have"
Lifebook Online

"I am thrilled with the clarity I have"

I started this course in a pretty good place: Overall rating of Excellent with a lot of Excellents, some Extraordinary ratings and some Above Average. Not surprisingly, the category that rated highest was the one I'd thought the most about and put continuous action into over the last 50 years. I ended with an Extraordinary rating overall with all ratings at that level. So other than a "grade" showing improvement, what does this mean: I have now had a chance to begin to think deeply about all categories and identify where more work was needed to be my highest and best self. I also, in the Strategy section, was able to outline initial action steps. For me, having identified what I need to do (emotional work, here I come) is most of the battle. I don't have to worry about committing, I've already started the action and my first two uncomfortable conversations addressing issues with family members (which I find especially challenging), went extremely well, indicating growth. I have much more peace of mind just knowing where I am going. Given that life was already pretty good why did I take this course? Partially because my life has gone through an upheaval in the last 18 months: my husband of 30 years passed away. And partly because of Covid: after 10 days of upset over the pandemic I vowed to myself that I would get a grip and do all I could to exit this time in much better condition than I entered it. Why? It was better than wasting the time and it was the perfect time for introspection without interruptions. And I'd been uncertain whether I wanted another relationship , whether I wanted to start another business. Mindvalley Masterclasses and Lifebook in particular made sure my time was filled productively toward those goals. I am thrilled with the clarity I have and look forward to not just the next 5 years, but the next 20 or more (I'm 72, but thanks to the lifetime of commitment to Health and Fitness, look and feel mid-50's --- so I KNOW that clarity on the goal and the strategy pay out HUGE benefits). I honor each of your efforts down this path and anticipate the best for all of us!

Diana Israel

Retired, Considering Opening a business

Brentwood, United States

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