"I am so proud to say that I have found my life's purpose!!!"
Lifebook Online

"I am so proud to say that I have found my life's purpose!!!"

I started really diving deep into my spiritual journey at the beginning of 2020. 
My main objective was to find my purpose in this lifetime, I knew it would be to impact this world but I just did not know-how. I went to psychology, had a life coach, did a quantum healing hypnosis session, kinesiology, reiki, energy healing gosh you name it I did it.

I think eventually watched Vishens Youtube advert on Silva technique as I had seen it before but just skipped the add. It was after my QHHT that I was drawn to sign up for Mindvalley and that lead me to Lifebook. 
While I did take on the feat of signing up for 3 courses simultaneously, being Silva, Chakra healing and Lifebook I am so proud to say that I have found my life's purpose!!! 

I enjoyed every category of Lifebook and really enjoyed having to dig deep for my answers and visions. This is a very well throught after life jounrney and is incredible to be changing so many lives!!! 

Getting us closer to the 2027 mutation, new world. We have done to everyone who has signed up already, completed their courses, going to the next level and who are rewriting their new Lifebook.


COO Global Media company

Durban, South Africa

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Mani Prakash


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