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"I am really grateful and happy and I really feel I've I've learned a valuable lesson here"

The big thing that's really changed is my attitude towards my work.
In the past, I have been a workaholic, and extremely driven, and very much a people pleaser. So, I was working all hours, and really not putting myself first. In a sensible way. You know, I wasn't looking after my health, my self-care. I wasn't resting I was there all the time for everybody because I do care about people. I really felt I needed to help people....

Claire Smith

United Kingdom

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Lifebook Online

"I am working on my business and open for the next phase of my life."

I finished Lifebook recently, which has motivated me to work on areas of myself so now I am taking this class and The M Word. At the end of the month with Financial Abundance now and Quantum Health when finished with that. I am working on my business and open for the next phase of my life....
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Massage Therapist

Seatac, United States

Lifebook Online

"Now I have much greater clarity on what I want out of life"

Before Lifebook I did not have a unifying system that contained all my beliefs, goals, motivations and strategies. I wasn't sure what I wanted, why I wanted it or how to achieve my goals. Now I have much greater clarity on what I want out of life. I have one document that I can go to, const...
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Kin-Shing Chow

Private maths tutor

United Kingdom

Lifebook Online

"It helped me accept myself more and I actually realized all the hard work I had done via learning and searching had paid off"

OK. I have read lots of books gone to lost of seminars, taken lots of courses (I am 66). I am not easy to impress, I don't fall for the hype of many sites. I have been pleasantly impressed with Mind Valley though, the quality of the videos, and their knowledge, their enthusiasm, their authentici...
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Luz Leida Diaz

Senior Occupational Therapist

Brooklyn, United States

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