"I am more aware of the importance of gratitude and forgiveness in my life"
Lifebook Online

"I am more aware of the importance of gratitude and forgiveness in my life"

Before this program I felt that I have been truly blessed to have lived the life that I have had to date. I have a wonderful wife and marriage, very successful children who are now young adults that both Claire and I are very proud of, have had many adventures throughout my life that have added immense joy and I've had a very fulfilling and wonderful career working primarily with two companies over 35 years. 

The reason I enrolled in Lifebook is that I'm always wanting to improve and be a better version of myself and I felt that the program and how it was laid out was very appealing. I had never thought of a focus on 12 Categories nor did I think of the idea of having a Premise, Vision, Purpose and Strategy for each of the 12 categories. That approach really resonated with me. I recommend this to anyone contemplating on taking something that will take them to the next level of living life to its fullest. The videos are thoughtfully prepared, the templates make the difficult task of getting started much easier and the philosophy of making this your own and not following other peoples view of how you should be living your life is in my opinion completely on point. 

Areas I've noticed the biggest improvement has been that I now have a plan and a focus to attain an even greater amount out of life. In a more immediate way, I have had weight reduction to a small degree (about 5 pounds) since taking this course, and I'm using some strategies such as using Audible while I'm exercising to double up on the value of the time I am spending to accomplish goals in multiple categories. I am more aware of the importance of gratitude and forgiveness in my life that ultimately will make a big difference in me obtaining my best life. Strategies to plan more date nights, travel and intimate adventures with Claire are already in the works and I'm excited to gain even greater focus on this important area with the women of my dreams. 

Thank you Jon and Missy, and Alex in putting together such an excellent program that is very well thought through and so meaningful for those of us who have been fortunate enough to take this course. As a parting comment, in some ways I think you are all achieving a modern expression and even more positive outcome of John Galt's solution to the problems of society in Atlas Shrugged that have parallels in today's world that we now find ourselves in. Congratulations in making such a valuable contribution to the world today. Looking forward to continuing the journey!!

Steve Kirstiuk

Vice President APS - USA

Surrey, Canada

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