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"I am highly charged and started maintaining proper balance"

Hi All, 
I and my wife had been a banker with over 15.5 years of experience. 
She left her job in 2016 to take care of the family. Last year in January, We made a big decision. I shifted myself to a new profile into health and fitness. Started this new venture with my wife. We both are health coaches now helping many families in achieving their health goals. 

Before joining this quest, I was finding myself struggling in this new career considering financial stress. Only one area of life was taking every piece of my life i.e. health. I never realized the significance of other areas of life which are also equally important. Only health and finance was the priority. 

After joining this awesome quest, my perspective has changed altogether. I have learned the meaning of fulfillment. I am highly charged and started maintaining proper balance as well. 
The reason to enroll for this quest was to learn something new. I always keep myself open to new learning. 

When I came across the advertisement on social media about this quest, I got impressed with the wonderful couple. In that video, the way Jon was interacting with Vishen while seeing the beautiful lady impressed me a lot. His innocence, love and romance in his eyes towards Missy grabbed my attention and I decided to go for this quest. I found that a lot is missing in me. A lot is missing to explore and have fun in life. This made me join this quest. 

I highly recommend everyone to go all out for this quest as it taught me a lot. It made me to be more conscious and choose what is right in achieving my goals in all areas of life. 

3 takeaways are 
a conscious choice, life is awesome and everyone has this choice to be extraordinary. 

I am charged up and taking life in a new perspective to be extraordinary in all the 12 areas of my life. 

Thanks Jon and Missy. Special thanks to Vishen and team for bringing this beautiful awesome couple to my life.

Sunil Gaba

Health Coach

New Delhi, India

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