I am determined to become a centred, whole being living this precious life in the best way I can
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I am determined to become a centred, whole being living this precious life in the best way I can

My success story ;

I am Grishma. I’m a 36 year old Physical therapist & Stott Pilates Instructor from Mumbai, India. My siblings live abroad - one in London & one in Australia. We are a very close family and my 5 year old nephew is the apple of my eyes. I have a lot of amazing cousins in Mumbai & also in different parts of the world. We are all connected via a giant family whatsapp group and I feel so blessed to have an amazing family. 

I did the lifebook program in Jan 2020. I’ve always believed in personal & professional development, but the Lifebook process is shockingly amazing ! I strangely have had this habit to categorise my life, but didn’t know there was an actual program that would do it for you so well !!

I’ve had a rough last decade. We lost everything financially due to bad business decisions, bad debts, loans etc - we lost our home, our office etc. We don’t own our own homes at the moment. Even though I’ve treated every rented home as my own home, it has been a difficult adjustment for us in the last few years. 

I’ve experienced financial lack, I’v been in some kind of shell coz of the way I processed our situation and trying to hide from the world. I’ve had to work hard to keep things together. As a result, I’ve felt emotionally, physically, socially etc drained and lost. I’ve dated men over all these years and leaned on them emotionally more than they would like. I’m a sensitive, emotional person with a lot of love to give and want to improve significantly this area of my life. 

In the end, I was feeling a little broken & a little lost when I started with Lifebook.

Lifebook got me to clearly think about my life all over again. Everything got so muddled up inside of me and I didn’t even realise I desperately need to do a huge detox and clean up, in my mental space. I now feel really clear about what I want in every area of my life. Honestly, I still feel overwhelmed about how I’m going to get there and I hope this just won’t all be wishful thinking, but the whole process felt very honest with Jon. 

I can tell a lot of serious, prolonged thought & life experience has gone into the evolution of this masterpiece program. The content is rich beyond words and Jon is a really great speaker. It touches also because there is so much depth & reality in the words. The open nonjudgmental, inclusive attitude is something we all need to embrace and live, that is the desperate need of the hour and I’m amazed how beautifully this is done via Lifebook. The incredible resources shared, a vibrant massive community to talk to, Jon & Missys amazing love & high standard of living life, is so inspiring ! I bet people don’t even think a life like that can exist. I loved the Graduation call on Zoom. Also another incredible feature of the Lifebook process. To connect live with so many people all over the world & especially seeing Jon & Missy live, felt like something else! 

It makes so much sense to me the whole program and resonates so deeply with me that I feel I’m going to work in my Lifebook very very often. I think this is going to be a lifelong love affair ! Looking forward to lifebook mastery. 

I am determined to become a centred, whole being living this precious life in the best way I can !

# Love the lifebook lifestyle

Grishma Shah

Physical therapist & Stott Pilates Instructor


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