"Every conversation I engaged in reflected my positive mental and emotional shift"
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"Every conversation I engaged in reflected my positive mental and emotional shift"

Here is a glimpse of what my life looked like before I began my Lifebook experience...
The first week of Lifebook... My boyfriend and I agreed it was best for me to move out of the house we lived in together. I was uncertain of my career path, our love relationship and my financial stability going forward in our life together.
My biggest struggle was my uncertainty and my confusing and conflicting thoughts about my life moving forward... specifically my purpose in our relationship and what I truly desired moving forward in our life together. 

During the Lifebook process, I happily discovered the power of self-discipline and my conscious commitment to design, build and live my thriving 12 categories conscious life.
I also discovered I have my own daily rhythm and discipline that work best for me in achieving my personal success in all 12 categories of my life. 

My biggest ‘a-ha’ moment was in the Relationship categories of Lifebook. I realized my negative or positive thoughts, emotions & EXPECTATIONS were reflected back to me in all of my relationships. I also realized my happiness determines the quality of my relationships. The moment I made my mental shift to only think about, communicate and listen in a compassionate, kind and loving way, immediately my relationships changed. Every conversation I engaged in reflected my positive mental and emotional shift.
Another profound mental shift I experienced was in the Financial category. The history of money as it was described, gave me a new perspective and greater appreciation for the construct and purpose money was originally created for. The moment I made my mental and emotional shift I received great insight into the benefit and value of having my own financially abundant Life Vision and financial plan. As a result, financial opportunities began to appear in my life immediately. 

The following are specific benefits and results from my Lifebook experience...
1. My boyfriend and I are consciously communicating in a loving, kind, compassionate and effective way. 
2. We are doing the Lifebook online course TOGETHER starting this week. And we are excited to start the Life Mastery course of action in July!
3. I have clearly defined and written by my Life Vision. And I continue to add more specific details every day.
3. My daily communication and relationship with my Mom and Sister are the best and most frequent it's ever been.
4. I reached my ideal weight, shape and clothing size.

I will continue to recommend Lifebook to my family, friends and the people I work with. I believe Lifebook is the BEST focusing process and guide for consciously creating one’s healthiest, happiest and 12 categories rich Life Vision.

Amie Grenier

United States

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