"I am reinventing myself"
Lifebook Mastery

"I am reinventing myself"

The reason I have enrolled in this Quest is because of a major shift in my life that came unexpectedly. 

Last year I lost my husband of 46 years from early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. I did have about 7 years to take care of him and prepare but something I did learn was that I really was not prepared for the finality of him not being here in his body. I have been on a spiritual journey for a very long time and as I look back, I can see how much more I was prepared as I learned to be Gregg's caregiver and to be on my own. Needless to say, I am reinventing myself and preparing for this new stage of my life. I am looking forward to this journey. With love and gratitude. Marsha

Marsha LuMetta

Had a bookkeeping/accounting business for 40 years. Semi retired now

Hollyglen, United States

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Anne Moosai


Toronto, Canada

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