"Life Visioning Mastery got me unstuck!"
Life Visioning Mastery

"Life Visioning Mastery got me unstuck!"

Before Life Visioning Mastery, I was stuck at the Manifestation level. I had a conversation with God during a stroke and learned why we're here, what we're supposed to do while we're here, how to live the optimal life for you, and what happens next. God asked me to share that knowing in my own words - and I choked! I wasn't sure how to open up to let the insights flow again. Life Visioning Mastery got me unstuck! I'm now totally in flow, spending most of my time in Channel and Being consciousness. I'm allowing Divine love to flow through me to create my products and serve others. I will continue to take Life Visioning Mastery again and again to continue my expansion.

Elaine Starling

Founder Life Spirit Journey

Sacramento, United States

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Life Visioning Mastery

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I happened to run into this course at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic when the lockdown was implemented. My business was suffering and I was very stressed. This course helped me get out of the victim consciousness and aligned me with the universe. I found a renewed sense of my purpose...
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Muzaffar Bukhari

Founder Principal

Karachi, Pakistan

Life Visioning Mastery

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Angela Tan

Life Coach

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Life Visioning Mastery

"This insight was enough for me to be able to take small steps in order to get to the full manifestation"

This is why I signed up to the program to begin with. Thank you - Michael Beckwith whom I trust in as spiritual teacher, God/Universe, MindValley, and myself for pushing forward and believing.
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Veronica Ayala


Oak Park, United States

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