"I love his teachings and the way he teaches"
Life Visioning Mastery

"I love his teachings and the way he teaches"

To be honest, I haven't yet found a program that has improved or changed who I am. I completed MBs Life Visioning and found it to be very helpful. It is an organized way of outlining the areas of life we all need to pay attention to and work on. I love his teachings and the way he teaches, making cute connections with words. I am a deeply spiritual person myself and spend a lot of time on this journey. What I appreciate most is the collection of spiritual teachers and the wealth of knowledge at Mindvalley. What all of them share is very valuable to me and to all humans on this journey. I am not a person of great monetary wealth, however, I am working on this, and try to support Mindvalley to the best of my abilities. Thank Vishen and all of Mindvalley's staff for creating a company that hosts this wealth of wisdom. With Connection and Love-Julie

Julie Paquette


South Portland, United States

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Life Visioning Mastery

"This program has further evolved my tool kit so that I could better serve humanity"

Thanks to this program I've been able to get more clear on my life's purpose. I already had an idea on what that was but going through this program has clearly given me the confirmation I needed. This program is going to help me grow spirituality which will come in handy as I am working wit...
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Armida Martinez

Soon be be an authenticity life coach

Worcester, United States

Life Visioning Mastery

"With Michael Beckwith I was able to bring back serenity in my head"

With Michael Beckwith I was able to bring back serenity in my head
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Audrey Mariane Beuzet

Retired, but now am a designated and unwilling Natural Caregiver

Longueuil, Canada

Life Visioning Mastery

"Michael Beckwith got through to me about being ok to feel my truth. Still practicing, but have made progress"

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Beverley Collins


Brisbane, Australia

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