"My goal is to be a better communication counselor for people"
Hero. Genius. Legend.

"My goal is to be a better communication counselor for people"

I founded the Digital Wellness Center to help millions of people avoid the pain and self-sabotage that I suffered with. 
My superpower is helping people feel good about themselves and their lives. Using my Five Step System™, my clients learn to break the communication patterns that cause this pain and self-sabotage. 
To continue the healing, I wrote a best-selling book, Message Received, and through my courses have taught thousands of people how to eliminate pain through communication clarity. 
My goal is to be a better communication counselor for people. Pretty sure Robin can help with this. 


Founder, the Digital Wellness Center

Toronto, Canada

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Hero. Genius. Legend.

"I want to get a point where this isn’t a struggle"

The reason il taking the Quest is I am bipolar n have come out of a very looong depression. I am no longer depressed. I know to realize my dreams I need to do inner n outer work like exercise, journaling, gratitude, visualization, mantras, n reading n learning, all of the things that have...
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Boushra Almutawakel


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hero. Genius. Legend.

"Look forward to the camaraderie of the community. and soaking up Robin's pearls of wisdom like a sea sponge soaking up water in the ocean!"

I am at the beginning of this quest and am really excited. I missed my first two days because I marked the start date wrong. So I am catching up in one day. I am looking to transition to doing online coaching and be able to reach more people. I have wanted to do this for a while, unfo...
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Dr. Ronni Zorn

Chiropractor; Health, Wellness and Life Coach, Dog Trainer

Long Island, United States

Hero. Genius. Legend.

"I loved the diverse tool kit"

A perfect reminder to reinstall my powerful high performance habits again AND beyond. I loved the diverse tool kit that is explained, so you can apply what suits in your own schedule and interest. A simple hack but simply overlooked for me was the mini 'moves' during the day. Learning als...
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Yvette Pelgrom

Head of Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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