"I love it, clients love it"
Energy Medicine

"I love it, clients love it"

I'm 53, I've been a psychologist for over 30 years ... worked in the corporate world, in Scotland Yard, and finally set up my own practice ....but this is the first time I've truly felt like I was walking the right path ... as soon as I hear Donna I felt inspired ... my body feels like mine, I have boundless energy ... I feel deep joy ... and I thought why don't I share some of this with my network, my clients ... overnight success using energy medicine techniques to support menopausal women to lose weight ... I love it, clients love it. Thank you

Ms leonie morris

Energy psychologist

Grange over sands, United Kingdom

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Energy Medicine

"I feel healthier and healthier as each day passes"

The 10 minute energy routine from Donna Eden's, Energy Medicine course, has kept my immune system strong and helped stabilize the symptoms of the severe narcolepsy and sleep apnea that I experience. It's a blessing for me to access this gem through Mindvalley. Thank you all.
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Mfon Etukeren

Senior, Deloitte Tax LLP

Houston, United States

Energy Medicine

"It is great to learn possible healing methods that I can also use to benefit my family and friends."

My brother-in-law told me about Donna Eden and Energy Medicine. Similar to Donna Eden, I was also diagnosed with MS when I was 16 years old. It is great to learn possible healing methods which I can also use to benefit my family and friends....
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Hibaa Siddiqi

Office Manager and Holistic Healer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Energy Medicine

"This program has allowed me to approach life in a much better way than I was able to before."

I’m glad I listened to my intuition because after I was going through and completed this journey my life started to feel easier and more bearable. This along with other methods of self improvement led to miraculous changes in my life...
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Dillon Scofield


Chalmette, United States

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