"I love it, clients love it"
Energy Medicine

"I love it, clients love it"

I'm 53, I've been a psychologist for over 30 years ... worked in the corporate world, in Scotland Yard, and finally set up my own practice ....but this is the first time I've truly felt like I was walking the right path ... as soon as I hear Donna I felt inspired ... my body feels like mine, I have boundless energy ... I feel deep joy ... and I thought why don't I share some of this with my network, my clients ... overnight success using energy medicine techniques to support menopausal women to lose weight ... I love it, clients love it. Thank you

Leonie Morris

Energy psychologist

Grange over sands, United Kingdom

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Energy Medicine

“I was blown away by the demonstration”

Donna really inspired me to feel how much simpler life can be when we understand and shift energy. As someone who works with dyslexic people, I was blown away by the demonstration of grounding on someone who struggles with reading. I have already applied it in my work and my students love it!...
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Diane Devenyi

United States

Energy Medicine

"You become one of the most powerful beings"

You become one of the most powerful being, when you know you can heal yourself and your love one and the entire universe. My top 3 takeway during/after: Empowered gratitude/appreciation oneness continue with the course healed. The Biggest Positive: more healthy more vitality and...
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Chahine Mc Manamy


Dublin, Ireland

Energy Medicine

"I feel I am more motivated throughout the day to complete my tasks and take on new projects"

Before I started the program I was feeling low energy, sluggish, heartbroken and under a lot of emotional duress. I integrating the exercises into my days and find my energy level has definately shifted for the better. We've only just completed week 3 but I feel a sense of calm and less a...
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Patricia e Pitts

CNA/Home Health Aide

North Palm Beach, United States

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