"I enrolled to take my life to the next level"
Energy Medicine

"I enrolled to take my life to the next level"

I enrolled to take my life to the next level.. to learn how energy can be used to heal and when balanced create a healthy, happy and prosperous life

Karen Hourtovenko


Sudbury, Canada

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Energy Medicine

"With the results I have had with just a few of the exercises I have learnt I am completely convinced that Energy Medicine 100% is amazing and works"

Before this program being a single grandparent carer to my three grandsons 5, 6 and 7 each who have disabilities ranging from one of my boys having a medium intellectual disability to two of my beautiful boys who have severe level 3 Autism on both domains as well as an intellectual disabili...
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Tania Tuagalu

Child and Family worker

Sydney, Australia

Energy Medicine

"I am nowadays driving my life, I am not just waiting for it to happen"

Before I participated in Energy Healing and other courses my daily life was accidentally happening. I learned that I have some control, I am not helpless or doomed. Energy medicine showed me that even pain and discomfort can be eliminated or at least controlled.
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Martina Schmidt

Physical therapist

Floral Park, United States

Energy Medicine

"I am hoping that what I learn in this course I can apply to my daily life, help my clients"

When I was in my early 20s, I began having anxiety attacks. I didn't know what I was going though at first but later I found out that my mother had the same issue and she had been suffering from anxiety and depression for most of her life. Personally, I do not like taking pills and I always try t...
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Parthena Zapata

Marriage & Family Therapist

Burbank, United States

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