"I began to see how this work could help so many people"
Energy Medicine

"I began to see how this work could help so many people"

Before this program, I didn't feel like I could easily offer my service to others. Energy work is not an easy sell in a small town. During this work, I began to see how this work could help so many people and it would be so much easier to offer without freaking others out. After this work, I've already begun to offer Donna's teaching through a YouTube channel, doing the Daily Energy Routine, and showing a few Neurolymphatic Reflex exercises each day, until I have shared them all. Then I will go on to share the other things I've learned through my YouTube channel and Facebook page. It reinforces what I learned and shares valuable healing exercises for the general population, or at least those that check it out.

Susan E Wheeler

Energy healer, intuitive artist

Poulsbo, United States

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Energy Medicine

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Cynthia Wells

United States

Energy Medicine

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Huda Murad

Self employed, I am a holistic coach

Amman, Jordan

Energy Medicine

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Jane Kumler


Mesa, United States

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