"Vitality. Joy. Spirituality"

"Vitality. Joy. Spirituality"

Raised in a catholic culture soaked with blame, shame & hypocrisy. Clairvoyance traits through my youth. Guided into a spiritual world. Death. Love. Travels. Marriage. Friends. Disappointments. Children. Social abandonment. Sleepless nights. Hard work. Exhaustion. More work. Forgetting passions. Health issues. Pause. Pause. Pause. Mindvalley. Self-energy workshops. Vitality. Joy. Spirituality. Jeffrey Allen--Duality. About to begin . . .☺

Sylwia Stevens

Illustrator, Designer, Photographer

Hillsborough, United States

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"I so look forward to diving in"

I was interested in learning more about energy when the MindValley Duality course by Jeffrey Allen appeared. My intuition guided me to sign up. I so look forward to diving in. Anticipating magic!
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Terri Huber

Life Coach

Makawao, United States


"I have been meditating for years but the way that Jeffrey explains how to locate your energy has changed everything for me"

Before this program I did not have any idea that I could move my energy around in my body. To harness it and use it to focus my mind and thoughts. It has only been 2 full weeks and I am already seeing a benefit each time I meditate. I have been meditating for years but the way that Jeffrey e...
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Adriana Williams

English Teacher as a Foreign Language

Toronto, Canada


"I now look forward to discovering my truth"

I found out about this program through YouTube's free advertisement. Although I was reluctant at first, I decided to watch the introductory session, that persuaded me to leave my fear behind, and sign up for Duality. I now look forward to discovering my truth. Thank you, A. Altair
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Alaina Altair


Washington, United States

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