"I now have tools"

"I now have tools"

Before this class, Duality, I did not know what tools to use to allow my life to more easily flow. I now have those tools. “Practice, practice...”

Elaine Brown

Adjunct Artist Flute Instructor

Liberty, United States

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"I grew so much with this course"

I started this course because I felt that I am an empath. As an empath I would take on the energies around me which really kept me bound and isolated. I learned so much about myself and became acquainted with my 'higher self" I grew so much with this course. I still use some of the exerci...
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Nicole Ciffone

Nurse Practitioner

Tucson, United States


"I am looking for a way to harness my energy"

I am going through a divorce and a change in living situation that I had little control over, but I feel in some ways I manifested this outcome. I hope this program will give me some insight.
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Magali Alia Wharton

Executive Assistant

The Bronx, United States


"I am hoping that with this work I can realign myself"

I am hoping that with this work I can realign myself, find the strength to move on, find a partner who wants to commit to me and get on with my life.
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Marissa Parzei

Professional Dancer

Lyon, France

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