"I am forever grateful to Dr. Shefali and all the people who worked hard so I could have the knowledge I have now! "
Conscious Parenting Mastery

"I am forever grateful to Dr. Shefali and all the people who worked hard so I could have the knowledge I have now! "

I am forever grateful to dr. Shefali and all the people who worked hard so I could have the knowledge I have now! 
The first thing that I found precious was the gentleness and empathy we are spoken to as parents. I have been criticized a lot during my parenting days, and I believe I was the harshest critic of myself. Being approached with such compassion was heart melting for me and also extremely encouraging. 
I have transformed a lot during these 35 days and I have always waited forward for the myth debunking days. Those were the days that really made me smile, relax and accept myself as being just human, as being limited but with great potential. All the self-blame I was carrying inside was burdening me and my children, but finding out that good parents aren’t natural, but we need to learn to be parents, and that parents don’t actually need to be in control, but it’s ok to not know what you’re doing…those were really big moments for me. I learned to pause and relax, I learned to breathe and be mindful and most of all I learned how to integrate the wisdom into parenting. Shifting from being a parent to being a spiritual guide for my children has always been in the background of my mind. The fact that this quest has confirmed this for me, really changed my behavior. I have an entire new set of approaches with my children, like meditation, learning how to make “to do” lists, exploring our inner world and understanding how it works, sharing our emotional moments with them and trying to explore them together, and most of all fully living the idea that I don’t have to fix them, because they learn and continuously change. They are potentials that I am not yet fully familiar with, and we are discovering each other every day.
During this quest, I’ve laughed and cried, I’ve given up and then came back as fast as I could, I’ve loved and I’ve … loved again. 
It’s been really transforming! And at a certain point I wondered: “What if the whole world would parent and evolve in this way? What would humanity be like?” I had a strong feeling of ease and a divine smile appeared on my face when I got a glimpse of that potential world. Now, I know I want to live in it.

Sorina Lutas

United States

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