"I am enjoying the practice"

"I am enjoying the practice"

Before this programme I found it much more difficult to ground myself and calm my mind the first two weeks of the programme have given me really great ways to do this and I am enjoying the practice.

Mel Phillips

Child and adolescent psychotherapist

Bath, United Kingdom

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"I've never felt better in my mind, body, and soul"

It's like I'm peeling back this onion of old-stuff with everything I did. For that, I am eternally grateful. I've never felt better in my mind, body, and soul. But I know I'm not operating at my highest vibration. My intention is to release what's left so that I can be more effective in my life....
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Elaine Walton


Saint Marys, United States


“The only one course you really need to enroll into”

Duality helps me find even deeper inner peace. Using Duality training and Jeffrey Allen's wonderful guiding every day, I have changed my life and my life is changing. I am now doing the same things in a new way, with a completely different attitude. I now create the life I've always dreamed ...
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Marit Wadsten

United States


"Thanks Jeffrey for your knowledge"

I want to expand my knowledge about energy, how to manage it in my life and body, learning from metaphysical was so helpful to me on crisis time in my life, but still I feel that need to learn more about energy, lately don't have so much time to meditate or maybe I am so tired, because of current...
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Flor de Maria Bernal

Housekeeper, selfemployed

Roswell, United States

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