"Highly recommended course!"

"Highly recommended course!"

Duality is still my go-to course when I need to work on my energy body through meditation. The first grounding exercise hooked me immediately, and from there, I had one new insight after another. Now I have much more comfortable group interactions, and I have a great new set of tools for handling stress. Highly recommended course!

Andrea Paseur


Huntsville, United States

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"I feel better every day"

Not much to say as I am at the beginning of my journey, starting to understand it all. What I know, I know it well and what I don’t know, I can learn. And you know what? I feel better every day...
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Jessika Burness

Customer service manager

Melbourne, Australia


"This is my first time experience and I was inspired by the healing aspect of this course"

This is my first time experience and I was inspired by healing aspect of this course. I am looking forward to enjoy this class.
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Inna Shprintsak

Customer Support

Montréal, Canada


"I’ve enrolling in this Quest to take responsibility for my life and be the best version of myself"

I’ve enrolling this Quest to Take responsibility for my life be the best version of myself
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Frederike Henrichs

Event Manager

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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