"The quest has given me a more confident approach to my parenting"
Conscious Parenting Mastery

"The quest has given me a more confident approach to my parenting"

I have really enjoyed the quest and Dr. Shefali's honest and direct approach. It made me reflect so much on my own bringing and made me realize how I projected my own needs and insecurities on to my son. 

Because of this quest, I do feel that I am becoming a better parent, I listen and I let my son come up with his own solutions to a problem and let him 'feel' his emotions without jumping in to always protect and fix things. I watch his behavior and try to look at the need behind it and I am trying to move away from punishment and labeling behavior as good or bad. 

The quest has given me a more confident approach to my parenting. I was always 'shouty mummy' something I always had to endure growing up and so desperately want to change this. I am not perfect I still have days when I don't always catch myself but the great thing is I recognize this and don't beat myself up about it. 

One of the things I love about Dr Shefali is that she is honest enough to tell you that she still has her moments with her children which makes you feel human. it is not about perfection it is about progression and for the first time in a long time I feel that I am heading in the right direction and connecting more with my son in a positive and fulfilling way for both of us.
 Thank you, Dr Shefali and Mindvalley for this amazing quest.

Giuseppina Gawthorpe

Meditation & Mindfulness Coach/Teacher

Sheffield, United Kingdom

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