"This program just found me on time"
Be Extraordinary

"This program just found me on time"

I am in my peak of passion for transformations: I just gave a birth to my second baby, I am starting my business, I am looking for new relationship. So, this program just found me on time

Olga adamenko

Head of department Danone

Moscow, Russian Federation

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Be Extraordinary

“My business is now moving forward full speed"

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Tabi Jayne

Transpersonal Ecopsychologist

United Kingdom

Be Extraordinary

"The exercises of gratitude and the segment intending are major parts of my day now."

I studied philosophy at university, had my share of psycho analysis groups and Family Constellations, qualified as a Reiki Master teacher/practitioner but it took Vishen to blow my mind. When the 12 categories were mentioned during the days we worked on the 3 MIQs, I looked into these...
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Ayesha Kettell


Uckfield, United Kingdom

Be Extraordinary

"Because of BE I hit the goals that I thought I would never hit"

After taking Be Extraordinary quest, Veera's biggest dreams came true...
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Veera Gupta


New Jersey, United States

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