"Now it is clear for me what my soul's mission is"
Be Extraordinary

"Now it is clear for me what my soul's mission is"

Before Be Extraordinary, I tought I knew what intuition was and how to tap into it. Hum...I was missing a lot on that. Thank you Vishen for those great insights. That course is a Satori moment for me. Now it is clear for me what my soul's mission is, and that we will accomplish it with intuition as my compass. Love Martine

Martine Bourjolly Cantave

Knowledge Broker at FindYourGift

Petion-Ville, Haiti

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Be Extraordinary

"I started transitioning myself from scarcity to abundance mentality"

Thank you Vishen & the entire Mibdvalley team for making such an impact on our mindset, n teaching us about how simple life in this universe actually is. All we need to do is look within for all answers...
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Nithya Balagopalan

Wellness Entrepreneur

Mumbai, India

Be Extraordinary

"I have dramatically changed in the way I communicate"

I have had human connection moments that burst my heart open so wide in a way that I have never experienced before, and not just with family members and friends, or people that I know but haven't connected with in a while, I am talking about Apple customer support...
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Hadil Mansour

Senior Account Manager at Adlab Publicity & Advertising

Manama, Bahrain

Be Extraordinary

"Be Extraordinary blew me away."

My journey is now clearer and there is no reason for me to close out the fire in me, rather let it out and work along with my spiritual side. I am looking forward to Vishen’s new book The Buddha and the Badass!
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Supriya Ghosh

Director of Sales and Marketing/ Six Senses Hotels

Singapore, Singapore

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