"My life is clearer, my head calmer and my values and beliefs are stronger."
Be Extraordinary

"My life is clearer, my head calmer and my values and beliefs are stronger."

Before this program, I was contemplating how to fine-tune my art career and merge it with a business idea I have to do with the concept of saying thank you. I always felt like there were two of me, and I now, since completing the program, I feel both these sides of me can do these two things together, along with a much stronger sense of self-belief. 
Thanks to Vishen's Be Extraordinary program, the path is a lot clearer and a lot more defined, and most notably, SO much has happened by way of "beautiful destruction"! This has even led to me reconnecting with an important family member after 9 years of no contact. which required a lot of forgiveness work. This would have been unthinkable before the Be Extraordinary quest. 
My life is clearer, my head calmer and my values and beliefs are stronger. My negative self-doubts are being ironed out and I feel I am on the path to becoming my best self.  I think there should be a Mindvalley module in all schools and pre-schools!  Thank you Vishen, and thank you for the intro to Marisa Peer @Mindvalley too.

Ruth Fox

Artist at www.ruthfox.co | TEDx speaker

Margate, United Kingdom

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Be Extraordinary

"It is an awakening and growth that I feel will continue on for the rest of my life."

Before this quest I was not confident enough to look inside myself, now I feel the energy and desire to change. At this point after taking this quest I feel I can find a new meaning and positivity in my life.
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Kim Bronius


West Kelowna, Canada

Be Extraordinary

"Thanks to this program now I am high on confidence"

Thanks to this program now I am high on confidence, have goals to achieve, know the purpose of my life, meditate everyday by choice, smile more often, love myself, and yes I'm now unfuckwithable. I know my capabilities and my strengths and I am writing my own destiny. I have recruited people...
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Navi Mumbai, India

Be Extraordinary

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Anja Eriksen

Helicopter pilot and CRM Trainer with NHV Helicopters

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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