"I have more clarity when it comes to my goals and what I want"
Be Extraordinary

"I have more clarity when it comes to my goals and what I want"

After completing "Be Extraordinary" I have more Clarity when it comes to my goals and what I want. I am excited to continue on this journey to become even more focussed on what's important in my life and how to live an amazing journey full of ease, clarity, life and love

Nicola Jay de Beer Mastin

Real Estate

Jupiter, United States

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Be Extraordinary

"I felt a sense of opening, strengthening, feeling more power and clarity"

During this program I feld Spring was in me too, beside her obvious presence in plants and animals around me. I feld sense of opening, strengtening, feeling more power and clarity. I now rather question the idea of pertetual gowt in sense of following new corses every month instead of pra...
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Ruben Eeckhout

trainer E.A.S.T method

Antwerpen, Belgium

Be Extraordinary

"The reason i enrolled in this quest is to enlarge my capacity to embrace and love"

What i hope to achieve is to make an extraordinary impact to any person, people or situation i encounter with daily.
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Ma Hiyasmin Quiñal

Portfolio Head, Technology PPMO

Makati City, Philippines

Be Extraordinary

"I have detached myself from any OUTCOME and I will ACCEPT if no matter what"

Before this program, I was in the victim stage to some extent and very focussed on the outcome With this program I have learned the concept of loving the journey and progress of life and enjoying it to the fullest, contributing every day, which is my DHARMA in the later half of my life as...
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Horsley, Australia

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