"I can't explain the depth of the wonders I experienced"
Be Extraordinary

"I can't explain the depth of the wonders I experienced"

My Mindvalley story actually starts back in 2015, where I was deeply stressed out and I stumbled upon meditation. Back then I was a university student here in Chile so I did basically not have the means to afford the actual courses, but went on as many masterclasses as I could. My mind was narrow and my soul was deeply hurt, so as I went on and connected even from far away with these wonderfull minds I found myself growing at a faster pace as ever. With time I realized I had transformed into someone so different that I wasn't in synchrony with many of my friends here. 

Luckily I have an amazing life partner and lover and have had the opportunity to grow together, but this year I found myself feeling a bit lonely in that matter, I didn't have people, as in plural, to share this side of me and hear from other people in this path. With this course, I did not only feel I was stepping into a new chapter of my life as a human being, but I felt I was encountering a family I didn't knew I had. Reading people's comments on the group every day made me feel like I was finally in the right place. Everyone shares and supports one another it's beautiful to experience. That group is a place where I can share things that I normally can't with other people, it reassures me I'm on the right path and even if I was lost, I can go ahead and ask. That's the thing, is not only the amazing set of tools Vishen gives you, and honestly I can't explain the depth of the wonders I experienced in the meditations, but for me is the people you get to connect with. My country is experiencing quite some change, we were going through a social outbreak before Covid-19 got here in March so it feels crazy in many ways, but I feel the wisdom, care and love from the group helps me even just in knowing such a group of amazing people exist. So thanks to Vishen, to Mindvalley, but to each and every person that went or is going through the quest. This is what us teachers should teach, and with every transformation, we change the world a bit at a time :)

Isidora Silva

Music Teacher, Deutsche Schule Valparaíso

Viña del Mar, Chile

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Be Extraordinary

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Permatang Pauh, Malaysia

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