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Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before experiencing his now famous conversation with God. The Conversations with God series of books that emerged from those encounters has been translated into 37 languages, touching millions and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. Neale has written 29 books on spirituality and its practical application in everyday life. Titles in the With God series include: Conversations with God, Books 1-3; Friendship with God; Communion with God; The New Revelations; Tomorrow’s God; What God Wants; and Home with God. Seven of the books in that series reached the New York Times Bestseller List, CWG-Book 1 occupying that list for over two-and-a-half years. His most recent books are When Everything Changes Change Everything (2010), The Storm Before the Calm (2011), The Only Thing That Matters (2012), What God Said (2013), GOD'S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: You've God Me All Wrong (2014), and Conversations with God: Awaken the Species (Book 4) (2017).
Neale Donald Walsch
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Awaken The Species

"The program transformed by thinking. I am much more awakened than before"

I came into the program not awakened. The program transformed by thinking. I am much more awakened than before.
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Director & Country Manager, AFRISO India Pvt.Ltd.

Pune, India

Awaken The Species

"I've noticed the biggest changes are in my love life"

This Quest helped transmute my depression into passion and motivation to ending child sex trafficking. The biggest positive changes are that I feel less anxious and even motivated to wake up today...
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Sheerle Dove

Yoga Teacher

Tel Aviv, Israel

Awaken The Species

"Nothing contradicts my beliefs as being a Muslim; however, it does open new paths"

Before taking this quest, I was curious about what is awakening does reflect. After, getting through the whole episode, I would say, I do appreciate how this quest makes me feel proud of being a Muslim. Nothing contradicts my beliefs as being a Muslim; however, it does open new paths to t...
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Nesma Osman

Research Assistant

Blacksburg, United States

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Neale Donald Walsch

"Neale Donald Walsch CWG books has impacted my life more than any book I have ever read."

Many of the teachings in his book I had read from a book years ago from a little book called "The impersonal self. That happens because God’s message is given to so many individuals to express. I was humbled instantly as the words hit me breaking through my ego waking up the "soul" in me.When I...

Tim Lewis

Professor of Medicine

United States

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Program offered by Neale Donald Walsch
Awaken The Species
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Awaken The Species

"I trust the Behavioural psychology component of this program will help my journey or living with full vitality"

I am mindful about nutrition & Diet for over 8 years, and have a balance & healthy habit for my nutrition and fitness . Nevertheless I have not yet experience optimal energy levels and strength. I healed a year ago from Adrenal gland ' burn out' and my chronic tiredness is improving each day thr...
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Monira Latin

Interior Decorator / Brain Trainer

Doha, Qatar

Awaken The Species

"Thanks to the Mindvalley team all the quests l have participated in and still do only help me to learn and grow as a human"

Thanks to this program l started getting to understand love and accept the person l am becoming everyday, is a gift, l have discovered my life purpose which has changed my life dramatically l have chosen to take a package from a secure job with a good steady income from a university where...
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Business owner MindfulBreakthrough

Bentleighsafety Beach, Australia

Awaken The Species

"I had my aha moment and suddenly the picture came together of all that I had been scrabbling for - our real purpose in life!"

Before this program I had started my spiritual/mindfulness journey through Smiling Souls and further with a life coach. I knew there was more to discover and I was just scratching the surface in some regard and at the same time had evolved hugely through absolute divine timing. Now is the...
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Janice Kode

consulting Architect

Cape Town, South Africa

Awaken The Species

"I’m looking forward to this class!"

My faith keeps me going. As they say “GOD may not be there when you call him/her but he/she is always right on time. I’m looking forward to this class!
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Dolores O'Neill

Artist/health care provider

Richmond, United States

Awaken The Species

"During this search I found Neil and know he could provide more information that I was seeking"

For many years I've been searching for the truth in all aspects of my life and had gained much wisdom, During this search I found Neil and know he could provide more information that I was seeking. I so looking forward in taking of this quest.
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Ron Ketchum


Freedom, Canada

Awaken The Species

"I have learned so much about myself and the behaviors I need to create happiness"

The "Awaken The Species" program far exceeded my expectations for it has helped me place all my scattered thoughts and emotions into the most beautiful tapestry of life. I have learned...
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Chris Soderiou

Community worker

Melbourne, Australia

Awaken The Species

What Students Are Saying About Neale Donald Walsch and his Awaken The Species Quest

The impact that Neale Donald Walsch and his Awaken the Species quest has on people is unbelievable. This is a life-changing story from people around the world about Neale's teachings.
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Awaken The Species video stories

Awaken The Species

"I think of the final conclusion in the Quest series, and it jolts me right back to a positive and more awakened mindset"

Before taking Awakening the Species, I had read 4 of Neale's books. Was great to hear the concepts elaborated on by Neale himself. Now, when I observe my thoughts and occassionally see negative thoughts creeping in, I suddeningly think of the final conclusion in the Quest series, and ...
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Joanne Copp

Consultant Economist

Brisbane, Australia

Neale Donald Walsch

"Learning from Neale is an experience like no other."

He is a masterful teacher, not only I felt changed, I was privileged to witness people's lives transform right before my eyes! ...
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Catarina Catarino

Owner at Catarina Catarino, Pilates - Caniço and Writer at HuffPost

United States

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