Awaken The Species

What Students Are Saying About Neale Donald Walsch and his Awaken The Species Quest

The impact that Neale Donald Walsch and his Awaken the Species quest has on people is unbelievable. This is a life-changing story from people around the world about Neale's teachings.

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Awaken The Species

“I feel different”

First of all I want to thank you all who provide this quest to us... It is wonderful. Every single day I am listening some of it and this makes me feel so good, so relaxed, soooo grateful... I can not describe it enough... But I know I am changing, for a long time I was trying for it and now...
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Tansel Akar Kara

Istanbul, Turkey

Awaken The Species

"I would definitely recommend this program"

Through a series of life changing events I have arrived at a place in which I realized that I do have so much potential left in myself and I was not meant to shelter away from the world and seclude myself. I have always been a very emotional person and I often feel the pain of others and their ci...
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Christine Blenker

Owner of Inner Beauty Aesthetics, LLC

Denver, United States

Awaken The Species

"I genuinely felt the energy, wisdom, love and gentleness of these teachings"

Prior to this course my personal life was distracted with judgement and righteousness. I felt transformed with the uplifting HEB ways of living. My aspirations have shifted to greater Soul consciousness and mindfulness. I am so grateful for Neal’s course. THANK YOU to all who made this possible!
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Suzanne Gette

Mental Health Therapist

Cochrane, Canada

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