Uncompromised Life

What Students Are Saying About Uncompromised Life Quest

The impact that Marisa Peer and her Uncompromised Life course have on people is unbelievable. This is a life-changing story from people around the world about Marisa’s teachings...

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Uncompromised Life

"I want to change my life for good!"

From a burn out, I quit my job in order to start my therapist career but my revenu dropped drasticaly. Now, I want to change my life for good!
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Jean-Claude Fradette

Therapist, coach

Granby, Canada

Uncompromised Life

"The best thing is I am being true to myself and I am living my life authentically. I am finally being me!"

I began my journey with Mindvalley around 4-5 years ago, as I was deeply unhappy, which eventually turned into severe anxiety and depression. The course that had the biggest impact on my life was Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer. After I completed her course, I sought out a Rapid Transformationa...
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Daniel Niemiec


Singapore, Singapore

Uncompromised Life

"I build up the business I want to, lose weight and enjoy expanding my social life"

Marisa's subjects and her ways to deliver are simple and to-the-point. Concrete, specific and nothing abstract. No wishful thinking about how the world should be AND it builds on her experience with many successful people, which gives it a high credibility. The course is also very little tim...
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Astrid Gehrig


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