Uncompromised Life

"It was such a powerful quest!"

This quest is shifting so many limiting beliefs and blocks, even those that we are not aware of... 

Hanit Benbassat

RTT Therapist

Orlando, Florida, United States

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Uncompromised Life

"I feel renewed and energised to keep going in life"

Before this program I was feeling less motivated and hanging onto old and toxic thoughts. After the program I noticed that I have shifted how and what I think about and let old tapes of myself go. I sleep better and am more motivated to take on new challenges. I would love to recommend..
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Christina Gilbert

Organisational Facilitator

The Gap, Australia

Uncompromised Life

"I am on a quest to heal my sadness after my mom passed away"

I am in the process of healing my wounded inner child from 3 alcoholic fathers and my mother I've learned was also an alcoholic. After my major abuse (10-16 yrs old) I took off running saying no man is going to starve or beat me. Had a great career and stayed active athletically. But after a st...
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Cynthia A Battin


Colorado Springs, United States

Uncompromised Life

"I am on my journey... I am evolving"

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Carol Mothersill


Covington, United States

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