"I truly see the positive in all aspects of my life"
Uncompromised Life

"I truly see the positive in all aspects of my life"

Before this program I thought I was a positive person. But only one day in I truly see the positive in all aspects of my life.

Susanna Snobohm

UX Designer

Brisbane, Australia

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Uncompromised Life

“The course changed the way I think, feel and talk to myself”

This course is comprehensible and brilliant, the changes in thinking are easy and useful. I do love hypnosis exercises since they comfort me, heal and support reprogramming my brain wonderfully. There have been a lot of aha moments too, so when I apply them during a week I see a lot of improvemen...
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Malgorzata Owczarska

Cultural Anthropologist, Animator and Project Manager

Warsaw, Poland

Uncompromised Life

"Marisa Peer is an amazing teacher and this course is so well put together"

This course was the first thing i purchased from Mindvalley and it impacted my life massively. It helped me gain confidence in public speaking, my own group and 1-1 coaching and looking back after 4 years i realized that i have been implementing so many of the amazing techniques that are tau...
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Steve Allen

Personal Transformation Coach / Community Manager

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Uncompromised Life

"I am a completely different person"

MAGIC! Marissa has done magic in a space of 8 weeks, I am a completely different person; the kind of person I always wanted to become. I always thought of the day when I would get a chance to say that "I'm happy" and finally that day has become every single day because "I'm ha...
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Sachin Prasad Prabhakar


Visakhapatnam, India

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