"I'm happy I came across this and looking forward to the journey and the results"
Uncompromised Life

"I'm happy I came across this and looking forward to the journey and the results"

I have not yet experienced breakthroughs, I came across the webinar with Marissa Peer today, and she did the hypnotherapy session about rejection. Coincidentally, I had been very angry and frustrated this morning when I came across this video as I was searching for an aura cleansing guided meditation video. After the video ended i felt my anger had dramatically reduced. I wasn't angry anymore actually I was just normal.. And I've been feeling down in many (most) areas of my life recently for the past few years.. I'm a creative person, been an artist my whole life. I used to be very positive and I try hard to be, but I got several hits in my life that I haven't fully recovered from. So I decided to join this program and was able to do so thanks to the payment plan. I'm happy I came across this and looking forward to the journey and the results.

Sara AlQuraini

Freelance Designer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Uncompromised Life

"Such a great restful, passive way to learn and grow"

I have loved this course. We are midstream in the Pandemic lockdown and I have found it supremely helpful in staying centered, balanced, hopeful and growing. I enjoy laying on the ground to allow Marissa to hypnotize me. Such a great restful, passive way to learn and grow. I adore it. I am i...
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Pamela Maloney

PhD, DHM, LAc, DipOM

Santa Monica, United States

Uncompromised Life

"Marisa has awakened something in me"

Marisa has awakened something in me that I know is just the surface and there is a lot more work to do to shake off these built-in beliefs I have created as a child off the back of people’s opinions, that I have allowed to rule my life and the way I see myself (and others)! I know I once was an...
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Christina Magan

Regional Sales Manager

Auckland, New Zealand

Uncompromised Life

“The course changed the way I think, feel and talk to myself”

This course is comprehensible and brilliant, the changes in thinking are easy and useful. I do love hypnosis exercises since they comfort me, heal and support reprogramming my brain wonderfully. There have been a lot of aha moments too, so when I apply them during a week I see a lot of improvemen...
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Malgorzata Owczarska

Cultural Anthropologist, Animator and Project Manager

Warsaw, Poland

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