"I have completed two short hypnotherapy sessions"
Uncompromised Life

"I have completed two short hypnotherapy sessions"

Just starting on my journey with this program... I have completed two short Hypnotherapy sessions and already in both I was faced with moments from my childhood and adolescence where I experienced not being good enough or not being worthy. By facing them, seeing them and confronting them I could say "NO" that's not how I want to identify that is not MY truth, that is not ME...and I could let them go and begin to redefine how I want to be, choose my own truth.

Matthew Huet

Resident Movement Director Harry Potter Germany

Hamburg, Germany

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Uncompromised Life

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Sachin Prasad Prabhakar


Visakhapatnam, India

Uncompromised Life

"I enrolled in this Quest to be a happier, more fulfilled person"

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Rebecka Kähler


Stenhamra, Sweden

Uncompromised Life

"I found solutions to resolved the root problem in my marriage relationship"

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Tao Hung Dolly Ngai

Manager for a master of Chinese metaphysics

Singapore, Singapore

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