"I wish I had received your advice years ago."
Productivity for Working at Home

"I wish I had received your advice years ago."

Thank you Jason for a clear and effective course. I wish I had received your advice years ago. I always wondered how people managed to keep on top of their messages without losing track of what needed to be done. Following your advice, I looked into my current inbox to archive messages and realised I have lost several potential bookings (I'm a musician) as the messages were flooded amongst a sea of others, so I never got back to the people! I now don't feel overwhelmed and unclear as to what I need to do and I have a clear system in place so I can keep on top of my priorities and reach my goals. The amazing thing is that it's all online so I can access all my tasks etc even when I'm on tour. Getting my email inboxes to 0 and gathering my many to-do lists into tasks in one and the same place has given me a huge boost in motivation. My work desk is now very neat and minimalistic, and I can now enjoy the time when I'm not working completely guilt-free. This lockdown period is a great time for a general re-set and I look forward to digging into the other tips you shared with us. Thank you so much again. PS: That's another 'task' completed - feels good :)

Celine Dos Santos


London, France

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Productivity for Working at Home

"The system is great."

Doing this quest was great. I improved a lot my productivity applying the knowledge acquired. I loved the tips and I started using apps as Tasks, Google Calendar, Unroll.me, and Loom. The system is great. But the most important: I knew a great guy, Jason Campbell, who dedicated with pa...
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Alberto Alejandro Valente

Dentist, Endodontist

Mar del Plata, Argentina

Productivity for Working at Home

"Thank you Jason for being an amazing coach."

Jason is not only a productivity whiz but he's also an amazing coach and mentor. I was lucky to be one of his first students. Creating easy systems and processes for my work has made my life so much more easier. I have a clear intention of things i need accomplish at the beginning of the day...
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Abhishek Rajput

Podcast Producer @ Mindvalley

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Productivity for Working at Home

"Because of this quest, my work and personal projects both benefited immensely"

Because of this quest, my work and personal projects both benefited immensely. I am able to move all my projects forward by simply taking at least one step on each per day/week. Most importantly, I was able to put two projects I was procrastinating on for too long into motion again.
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Annie Kelian

Learning & development Coach

Bouchrieh, Lebanon

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