"I was able to effectively plan out my remote teaching lessons"
Productivity for Working at Home

"I was able to effectively plan out my remote teaching lessons"

Before this Quest, I was frazzled by the COVID-19 developments. I was unsure of how was I going to be able to teach my students in the best way without being in front of them. I was disorganized and cluttered in my productivity. After the Quest, I was able to finally clear out all of my emails! I was able to organize the tasks that I needed to get done and not feel overwhelmed and burdened by what was expected of me. I was able to effectively plan out my remote teaching lessons and sort what I needed to do within my work week. Jason took the time out of his days during COVID-19 to design and broadcast this Quest, and I am so grateful that I have more peace of mind and organization because of it. It was also nice to be virtually connected to the Tribe while having to social distance myself from physical contact.

Alexander Matthews

Lead Teacher

Washington DC, United States

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Productivity for Working at Home

"Before Productivity program- My inbox used to be full with messages."

I didn’t know some of the tools like slack, unroll.me, I wasn’t aware of calendar feature, and how to use it. After the productivity Program- I came to know about the concept of - Emails as Tasks Using Calender feature and assigning tasks on particular days.
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Nitin Negi

Co-pilot , Indigo

New Delhi, India

Productivity for Working at Home

"This has been one of the fastest ways to improve my productivity. "

I have quite a good system to get things done but within the first week I already had much more control over my tasks, schedule and my time. This also gave me methods to rethink how I use my time within the day and where my energy should go. I am not rushing around anymore trying to get ever...
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Pravina Chetty

Customer Success @ Mindvalley

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Productivity for Working at Home

"I can complete my everyday tasks with less pressure and more importantly in time."

I also became well ordered in my daily routine. I become free than before.
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Udit Kuma Das


Howrah, India

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