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"The seminar and meditation were amazing!"

The seminar and meditation were amazing! It was the first time we were meditating.

Students of Taylor's International School


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Mindvalley Schools

"After taking this Quest I know that in the future I will go after the things I want for my life, and prioritize my own interests"

I took the Be Extraordinary for Teens Program, whose focus is to help us students learn more about ourselves.The structure of the Quest is different from our regular courses at School since it is only one lesson per day, which lasts around 20 minutes.In my opinion, this model is effective...
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Maja Sjögren

Secondary School Student

Kalmar, Sweden

Mindvalley Schools

"I hope I always get teachers like that."

My experience with Mindvalley has been far beyond what I expected, every day I get surprised by the amazing things I get to experience and the friends I get to make. The teachers I’ve had are so nice. They give you so much space and so much freedom. They really let you explore and do your own t...
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Teens Program at Mindvalley University

United States

Mindvalley Schools

"Having the sense of community Mindvalley gives you, I had never experienced that ever before"

The type of bonds that Mindvalley gives you space to develop it’s truly unique. The people you can connect with - You don’t see that anywhere else. We’re all on the same page, the same mindset; and it’s an open, loving community that offers kindness and support. Having the sense of c...
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Joshua Dawson

Teens Program of Mindvalley University

United States

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