What Vishen brings was precisely what I needed
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What Vishen brings was precisely what I needed

My 1-1 coaching session allowed deep connection and I felt a space of security to share. The 60 minutes have gone flying as a state flow. Looking forward for the next 1-1 call! With regards to the group call together, I felt very welcomed in the tribe and it was very insightful to hear other people in the same path. And with Vishen, this was my first live call and it was great: the topic that Vishen brings was precisely what I needed. Lastly, thanks for my accountability partner, we decided to meet every Saturday and this help me a lot to discuss more in detail any topic on this journey.

Victor Elizondo

Analytics & AI Lead @ LATAM Airlines

Santiago, Chile

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Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"I love to spend the rest of the year with her as my coach. Yvette is doing a great job!"

I loved the first 1-1 call with my coach. I really feel that we have the same views and we connected very easily! I love to spend the rest of the year with her as my coach and know that we are going to make huge changes together. Also the group call was amazing, the group spirit was aweso...
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Mandy Salzig

PhD student in Psychology

Sanem, Luxembourg

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

I can feel safe to be vulnerable in this space

I absolutely loved it. Gesine totally resonates with me and I think we are the perfect fit. Her feedback was helpful and insightful and I created a "vision board" or just a lot of scribbles on my black chalkboard wall with ideas and her input. I'm super excited about what is more ahead fo...
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Vanessa Rossouw

IT / Digital Project Manager - Contracting at Acumen, WeFuse and Swipe

Cape Town, South Africa

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"I have learned a great deal from the calls with Vishen!"

My coach Amrit is an amazing energetic being. He has helped me get clarity on my vision and pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone. I feel so motivated and full of energy after we met! The group calls: it has been great! Super useful information that makes me ask deeper questions and exp...
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Ana MacDuff

Wells, United States

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