"I like the workshop focus, where we work on some topics, such as values"
Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"I like the workshop focus, where we work on some topics, such as values"

My 1-1s with Amrit are very productive. He provides encouraging feedback and insight. And much to think about over the ensuing months. For the group calls with my coach, I like the workshop focus, where we work on some topics, such as values. Also, the last group call with Vishen was particularly extraordinary. 
Why in part because it just happened to build upon a topic another personal growth course I'm participating in had addressed just a few days earlier (community and how you build one). But it took the topic much further in terms of what we have control of -- our own ability to build the energy of the group. Loved the meditation. 
Lastly, I appreciate Mindvalley's, Yvette's, willingness to create and support the entrepreneurial group. I suspect there will be a long-reaching impact from the connections made.

Diana Israel

California, United States

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Mindvalley Premium Coaching

Safe to be vulnerable. Follow Vishen's guidance is such a gift. And I love Yvette's energy.

I felt very safe to be vulnerable with my Coach, and to set goals that reflected my deep self work. I love accountability and appreciate having her support and guidance as I work to bring forth my gifts to best serve the world. And the group call was fabulous! Loved the break out rooms...
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Julia Anderson

Business Manager/Carpenter

Vashon, United States

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"I have insights on every call"

Amrit is awesome. Love him!! I have insights on every call. My coach is a super caring individual, really keeping the focus on one thing. I tend to want to add more. He has given me space not to push too hard which I think is facilitating my healing. Besides the great group calls wit...
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Katie Rice

Mortgage Lender

Tahoe City, United States

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

I love this Premium Coaching program so much & the connections & the inspiration.

I received great insights during my 1-1s and group calls. Going deep. My coach is helping me go past my previous vision of myself in a big way. And, love Kar Fei. His energy, his exercises, his heartfelt listening & authenticity. He’s great. And I equally love every call with Vishen....
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Kerry Fisher

Wellness educator & coach

New York, United States

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