I can feel safe to be vulnerable in this space
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I can feel safe to be vulnerable in this space

I absolutely loved it. Gesine totally resonates with me and I think we are the perfect fit. Her feedback was helpful and insightful and I created a "vision board" or just a lot of scribbles on my black chalkboard wall with ideas and her input. I'm super excited about what is more ahead for the next year. And in the group call, I liked the engagement between the tribe members and that I can feel safe to be vulnerable in this space. I loved the interaction and the consciousness that was brought into the group. The call this month with Vishen was powerful. We did the intuition and energy sculpting exercise and I was totally engaged. I'm into this kind of stuff so it resonated with me. It was nice to be lead by Vishen. His energy is infectious. And! I actually had the first call with my accountability partner last night and it was nice to connect with someone who is completely different to me. Different cultures and different places we're at right now. I think we can learn a lot from each other. We're setting up calls to connect every 2 weeks and will be sending each other 3 things that we commit to for the next 2 weeks today. I think this is a great idea. So far, so good. I'm also enjoying the interaction between Victor from my group and myself. We have the same career background and it seems we're connected on a deeper consciousness level.

Vanessa Rossouw

IT / Digital Project Manager - Contracting at Acumen, WeFuse and Swipe

Cape Town, South Africa

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Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"I desire to continue to grow and connect!"

My 1-1s are very insightful... Amrit is phenomenal. Regarding the group calls and calls with Vishen, great instructions and so much good content. I desire to continue to grow and connect! Thank you for a great experience
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Jason Holzer

Co-founder & Coach

Kansas, United States

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"Mindvalley Premium Coaching is an amazing and transformative product"

Mindvalley Premium Coaching is an amazing and transformative product. Coaches, support and networking are adding great value and opportunities for my development. And the bonuses are unique with great value. 
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Marcelo Cortes Fernandes


Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"Definitely Vishen is tuned into the needs of the group and bringing amazing tools to us"

Amrit is excellent, I am getting up to speed and I love the wisdom that comes through - his clarity and ability to flow with what is before us. The last group call was a nuts and bolts about prioritizing and essential skill. The group call with Vishen was very timely for the issues I ha...
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Tracey Malanowich

Coaching Wellnes (Overcoming Cancer and Chronic Illness, iLight Integrative Services

Brentwood Bay, United States

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