"A good place to share each other’s best practices and experiences"
Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"A good place to share each other’s best practices and experiences"

The coaching with my Coach was very to the point and caught me exactly where I was in my self-search. very handy homework! amazingly eye-opening! and I mean, I am 46... thought I knew more about myself...))). The group calls are also immensely practical! Loving it!!!
The Coaching calls with Vishen are also absolutely practical to have actual tools to try out on your own as well as inspiring - to not just have the like-minded people in the chat along with Vishen’s beautifully condensed and to the point story, but also have these people share great stories of their own experience which beautifully resonated with my own experience and gives me an active push towards walking the way further.
This program also offers a great way to self-pacefully get a sense of what other coachees are living through and a good place to share each other’s best practices and experiences.
How can you always find the exact right words to nail the essence.. the core... - just that is invaluable and yet you give more..Thank you! 

Ivanna Strominova

Producer/Founder - Kairos Films

Los Angeles, United States

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Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"I desire to continue to grow and connect!"

My 1-1s are very insightful... Amrit is phenomenal. Regarding the group calls and calls with Vishen, great instructions and so much good content. I desire to continue to grow and connect! Thank you for a great experience
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Jason Holzer

Co-founder & Coach

Kansas, United States

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"The quality of coaches and the caliber of the community is mindblowing"

My big insight after our call was related to achieving my goals and the relationship I have with them. I realized, thanks to my 1-1 with Wassila, that my goals' job is to inspire me, to pull me forward...
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Carolina Rodas


Austin, Texas, Malaysia

Mindvalley Premium Coaching

"Definitely Vishen is tuned into the needs of the group and bringing amazing tools to us"

Amrit is excellent, I am getting up to speed and I love the wisdom that comes through - his clarity and ability to flow with what is before us. The last group call was a nuts and bolts about prioritizing and essential skill. The group call with Vishen was very timely for the issues I ha...
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Tracey Malanowich

Coaching Wellnes (Overcoming Cancer and Chronic Illness, iLight Integrative Services

Brentwood Bay, United States

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